About us

Amanz’ abantu Services (Pty) Ltd is a private company whose shareholders include both Eastern Cape and nationally based companies, representing the full range of skills and experiences required for implementing rural water supply and sanitation projects.
Amanz’ abantu Services is active in the Eastern Cape Province and operates out of its Head Office in East London.  There are area offices located in Matatiele and Queenstown.

Amanz’ abantu Management


  1. Ethne Davey
    Chairperson:  Amanz’ abantu Services Board
  2. May Tsewu
    Financial Manager
  3. Oliver Ive
    Managing Director
  4. James Paxton
    Contracts Manager
  5. Otto Delihlazo
    Community Development Manager

Mission Statement

Amanz’ abantu Services commits itself to providing sustainable water and sanitation services to developing communities in partnership with Government.  Amanz’ abantu is committed to:

  • The partnership approach with Government;
  • The development of Local Government in the management of water services;
  • The engagement and development of SMME’s in programme implementation;
  • Internationally accepted norms on environmental protection and quality standards;
  • The principle of corporate citizenship and social responsibility 
    towards the community we serve;
  • The provision of best quality, sustainable and affordable services to all communities in South Africa;
  • The importance of women and people empowerment in entrepreneurial development; and
  • The Reconstruction and Development Programme.


Amanz’ abantu Services will provide its customers and clients with products and services which comply with agreed requirements.  Management is committed to ensuring that the principles of right first time, continuous improvement and excellence are adopted at all levels.

Total Quality Management

Recognising that Total Quality Management defines a philosophy for the entire organization and that the successful implementation of Total Quality Management requires an organization-wide commitment.  Amanz’ abantu Services through its management structure has adopted the philosophy and principles of total quality management through:

  • Commitment to clients/customers;
  • Commitment to producing quality products;
  • Code of Conduct for Shareholders, Lead Service Providers and staff;
  • Commitment by management; and
  • Commitment by the organization as a whole.

To achieve quality Amanz’ abantu Services will make use of tools, training, technologies and methods, incorporating the principles of total commitment and continuous improvement in the quality undertaking.

Amanz’ abantu Services has adopted the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system to achieve total quality management.