Amanz abantu - Member Partners, Expertise and Capacity


In order to undertake services, Amanz’ abantu has both in-house expertise as well as expertise that can be provided by it’s shareholder companies. We are thus capable of leading and managing the various disciplines and activities of all aspects of the project life-cycle. The core activities of project and construction management are generally resourced and managed from within the Amanz’ abantu management structure, with specialist functions being drawn in from the various partners as described below:

Institutional and Social Development

Amanz’ abantu has in-house expertise capable of leading and managing the ISD component of the programme. Through the Amanz’ abantu Investment Trust, a number of ISD consulting firms have a combined shareholding in Amanz’’ abantu, and it is from this pool of ISD expertise that Amanz’ abantu draws its ISD specialist capability.

Amanz’ abantu Services has an agreement with the following Sub-consultants who are members of the shareholder group, the Amanz’ abantu Investment Trust, to undertake ISD work on the programme:

  • Resource Development Adhocracy
  • Ludiko Agency
  • Liberxol Social Consultants
  • Zim Social Consultants
  • Khululeka Community Developers
  • Ilitha Consulting
  • Agency for Community Education, Training and Empowerment (ACETE)
  • Eastern Cape Communications cc

All these companies have the capacity, experience and knowledge to successfully handle any water and sanitation project covering inter alia the following fields:

  • Project facilitation
  • Conducting baseline surveys
  • Establishment of community based organisations/structures
  • Training and development of community structures
  • ISD communication strategy
  • Health & hygiene training
  • Mentorship

In addition to it’s shareholders, Amanz’ abantu has also developed a Social Consultant database of firms who have worked with Amanz’ abantu, or that have submitted their credentials for consideration.

Operations and Maintenance

Amanz’ abantu is well experienced in the operational and maintenance activities relating to rural and urban water services and schemes. For the last few years, Amanz’ abantu together with its operators has been responsible for training and developing community based operators capable of overseeing the day to day operations and maintenance of water supply and sanitation schemes.

O&M service provider partners include our shareholders: Water Solutions Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd (WSSA), together with HDC partner / shareholders, Dlezinye Civil Contractors and Mtima Plumbing, these shareholders are also the shareholder partners of the operating company, Zana-Manzi, which undertakes O&M work on behalf of Amanz’ abantu. They have provided the full range of O&M expertise and resources within Amanz’ abantu since its inception.

The O&M team also brings the experience and track record not only of their operations countrywide, but also the wealth of experience and understanding developed in the effective roll out of sustainable water and sanitation service solutions within the rural, peri-urban and urban areas of the South Africa over the last decade.

Design and Geohydrology

Aurecon (the recently merged company incorporating Ninham Shand (NS) and Africon), Goba Consulting Engineers (incorporating FST Consulting Engineers (FST)) and Jakoet and Associates (J&A), have been the Technical Consultants on the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry Eastern Cape BoTT programme since 1997.  These consulting engineering firms are all well established and experienced in their own right. On the BoTT programme, as members of the Amanz’ abantu consortium, they were responsible for the planning and design, using appropriate technical solutions, some 80 projects with a programme value of over R750 million.

Aurecon, one of the largest consuting engineering firms in Africa, in addition to its well established team of design engineers nationwide, can offer a well qualified environmental consulting services.

The teams of engineers, technologists, technicians and support staff can be made available by Aurecon, Goba and J&A to provide the client and beneficiary communities with “value engineered” solutions.

Khulani Geoenviro Consultants (previously Khulani VSA Groundwater Consultants (Pty) Ltd) is a professional consulting firm specialising in the field of hydrogeology.  The hydrogeological services rendered cover the full spectrum of groundwater resource exploration, evaluation, development, monitoring and management activities to ensure the wise, responsible and sustainable use of these resources. For the implementation and facilitation of sanitation programmes, it is necessary to have an in-house capacity to undertake and manage the DWAF Ground Water Protocol. KVSA has been a leader in this field.

KGC has been formed through a merger of operations in the Eastern Cape Province of Khulani Groundwater Consultants (Pty) Ltd and the nationally based VSA GeoConsultants.  60% equity ownership of the company is held by previously disadvantaged individuals.  The directors of the company are M.E. Gqweta and M.E. Madisha.

The key personnel include qualified professionals and geotechnical assistants.  All personnel are experienced in the handling of hydrogeological projects of any nature in both populated and remote localities. In addition, supporting staff handle general and financial administrations, database updates, GIS, etc.

The company has the necessary equipment required to undertake any hydrogeological project.  The equipment includes field vehicles, magnetometer sets, electrical resistivity sets, electromagnetic set GPS’s, etc.  Computers and necessary software programmes are used for the analyses, interpretation and presentation of data collected.


In addition to its own in-house construction management teams, Amanz’ abantu is supported by its shareholder construction partners who comprise; Group Five Ltd, including Group Five Civil Engineering (CIDB Grade 9CE) and Group Five Housing (CIDB Grade 9GB), and Umso Construction (CIDB 7CE). With a strong BEE component blended with a wealth of experience and established resources in the area, the Amanz’ abantu Construction team is able to meet all the requirements of the proposed work.

Group Five Construction was involved in Rural Water Supply in the Eastern Cape and Limpopo provinces through the BoTT Contracts under the Amanz’ abantu and Metsico umbrellas, and has been responsible for carrying out all construction activities under these BoTT contracts. The company engaged in excess of 100 HDC, SMME and Emerging Contractors on various projects, in the regions, as part of its training, mentoring and involvement of emerging contractors programme, with proven results.

The scope of work carried out during the BoTT contract period of 6 years, covered all aspects of water supply schemes which includes construction of water treatment plants, concrete reservoirs, river extractions, borehole drilling and testing, elevated pressed steel tanks, water supply lines including stand pipes, chambers and associated work. This together with the necessary local knowledge and experience of the construction management and material supply management makes the Amanz’ abantu construction capacity well suited to overseeing the implementation of community based and labour-intensive sanitation programmes.