Project History - May 2012

Two schools were identified as needing urgent help with additional space. Noncedo Primary school has 455 children crammed into a farmhouse which acts as a school. Floradale Primary school has more than 1100 children with some classrooms housing 3 classes each. That is 3 teachers in one classroom.

The Project is a donation of a 52 square metre classroom to each of the two schools. This is done in partnership with Everite ( the materials supplier).

We use new technology that was developed by Everite to build the classrooms. We use materials which are environmentally friendly (asbestos free) fire resistant and cheaper than the conventional building material. The classrooms are low maintenance and have a lifespan that is the same as a conventional building.

The Construction Phase

The construction of each classroom consists of the following phases:

  • Foundation and floor slab construction
  • Top structure installation.
  • Finishing

We build the foundations using ordinary foundation building methods. We opted to go the traditional concrete foundation and floor slab route instead of the suspended foundation option. Each foundation takes about a week to complete.

Top structure installation takes about 5 days to complete, including the roofing and ceiling.

The finishing phase takes about 5 days to complete. This includes painting, veranda and lights.


Project History - May 2012

As part of Amanz’ abantu commitment to serve the communities of the Eastern Cape a donation of toilets to the Transkei school of Ibika was made due to the dilapidated condition of the latrines. 

On a site visit to the school the existing facilities were found to be in particularly poor condition and unsuitable for the youngest pupils of the school. As an emergency intervention Impilo Yabantu installed 5 cemforce pit latrines.

Utilising the Franchise Approach

The installation of the units was carried out by one of Impilo Yabantu’s franchisees who have been trained to install the cemforce units. Some of the toilets were sighted nearer to the Grade R students to assist teachers who need to accompany such young learners. These toilets had seats suitable for young children installed.

The school have expressed their gratitude for the donation and explained the difference the structures make to pupils and teachers at the school.

Click here to view a letter of gratitude.